Kathy L. Hans

AmEnglish.com founder Kathy Hans began developing online training materials based on her experience teaching English Language Learners in adult school, mentoring other teachers and developing curriculum for the State of California.

Classroom experience

Kathy spent several years teaching English to adult English language learners at adult schools in the San Francisco Bay area.

Teaching in corporate setting

From 1990 - 1999 Kathy taught classes on site and remotely at companies like Cisco, Hynix, IBM, and 3 comm. She taught small groups and performed executive coaching on presentation skills, pronunciation, writing, and communication.

Statewide curriculum development

Kathy Hans led the State of California Department of Education's efforts to develop their: "Teaching Pronunciation In Context" curriculum. This was a collaboration including many California teachers who came to a consensus and developed more effective approaches to teaching English Language Learners.

Company Founder

Kathy Hans Founded the company AmEnglish.com 1999. AmEnglish uses a variety of software delivery vehicles to share Kathy's innovative approaches to teaching English Language Learners. These approaches honed over decades in the classroom help students quickly improve communication skills.


Kathy wrote all the content and published the following programs:

These teaching tools have been released on a variety of platforms. Each iteration utilized contractors who contributed computer programming, audio recordings, and translations into several languages all of which was directed by Kathy Hans.

Free Lesson Plans

Kathy has authored and freely released detailed lesson plans to accompany all of these programs. Those lesson plans are available here.

CATESOL presentations

Kathy has been a regular presenter at CATESOL conferences sharing new approaches and materials to help other instructors teach English Language learners at all levels.