Building Communication Skills in English

Corporate clients include companies like Kaiser Permanente Medical Group, Microsoft & IBM. Education customers include schools like Iowa State University, De Anza College, and
the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Established in 1999,® provides web-based programs to improve reading, vocabulary and communication skills.

Our series, Read Aloud eBooks with adaptive assessment, received the Smart Book Award and the 2019 Parents' Picks Award. This series is designed for students at reading grade levels 1 - 6.

Our middle school series, Vocabulary Builder, focuses on vocabulary and combines poetry and natural science facts.

The Pronunciation in English, Writing in English, & Idioms in English programs are designed for nonnative speakers of English and have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and GRE® tests.

Schools and Colleges

Learn in the lab/class

Blended learning solutions

English training curriculum for schools and colleges
Corporate / Government

Empower your employees/Advance your career

Web-based English Language Training

English training with LMS for corporations and governments

TOEFL iBT® Test Prep

Improve your score

Content reviewed and approved by ETS®

Prepare for TOEFL iBT® tests

Improve spoken English

Learn to use the important elements of stress, intonation, and rhythm like a native speaker.

The fastest way to improve spoken English is to place stress on the right place in words and sentences.

Both levels of Pronunciation in English have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Improve English Pronunciation quickly

"Pronunciation in English is an innovative, practical and learner engaging interactive program."

- Gema E. Klein M.A. TESL, University of Tennessee English Department

"After using Pronunciation in English, I put more stress on the words which are important. I never realized there was a pattern to delivering my words."

– Student

Professional Development

Medical Terminology Training

Advance your career

Prepare for the QBS tests Provides unlimited, concentrated practice

Terms in 5 categories Medical Specialists Diseases/Conditions Symptoms Treatment/Tests Pain descriptors

Practice Medical Terminology in English

Idioms In English

Includes pre and post assessments with instant scoring

Features over 220 interactive lessons in each of 7 volumes

Understand Idioms In English

"The analysis and explanation of each idiom in Idioms in English is superb."

- Instructor, College of Alameda

"I am now much more confident with my spoken English in daily communication. I am also quite proud of myself when I am able to add some idioms to my communication during meetings."

- Engineer

"I am pleased to report to you that what I have learned here really works. The nice thing about an idiom is that you do not have to explain your thought at length. This means that if you have no knowledge about an idiom, you will never understand what the speaker is talking about. In that sense you have made my life here a little easier. Thanks a lot!"

- Suzuki

Build Vocabulary

Feature word highlighting for targeted vocabulary in context (over 1,250 words in each of 5 volumes)

Give instant feedback on the scored vocabulary practice with contextual examples

Each Volume:

  • Features 9 different animals
  • Explores the relationship between each animal & its environment
  • Combines non-fiction & poetry

Mapped to Common Core, Florida & Texas standards

Enjoy learning English Vocabulary

"In addition to learning new vocabulary, it is fun to learn about different animals. The poetry helps me to remember new words easily. As an English learner, the program is valuable to me."

- K. Vo

"With listening, reading, dictation, and review questions, Animal Tales has all the elements to make learning English fun and improve my general knowledge."

- A. Crisafo

"I really like this English learning program. All the exercises are cool. There is a lot of interesting, new vocabulary for me since I have limited vocabulary in science. My comprehension of the poems and vocabulary improved as I went over more and more chapters. I learned more than just the language."

- L. Dang

Increase reading comprehension

Read Aloud E-books with Adaptive Assessment

Reading grade levels ranging from 1-6

Mapped to Common Core, Texas & Florida standards

Plus teacher guides
with classroom expansion tips & ideas

Improve your reading comprehension in English

“The questions in the adaptive assessment were of high-quality - and as an educator,
I appreciated that they stretched beyond recall and repeat.”

– Academic Choice Reviewer

“These are gorgeous, and I like the questions.”

– K-5 teacher