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AmEnglish.com English language learning programs

Pronunciation, Writing and Idioms in English have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® & the GRE® tests.

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AmEnglish.com tips from the author

Micro-Learning with weekly "Tips from the Author" emails

  • Link to short narrated movie files
  • Provide motivation and guidance

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AmEnglish.com audio books

Streaming Audio Books

  • Leverage commute/travel time
  • Feature localized audio

"I now have a lot more confidence in speaking as well as writing in English. Even though it takes a lot of practice, it is really worth the time and effort."

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AmEnglish.com orientation

Online orientation session

  • Introduction to the materials
  • Time for questions & feedback

"On the whole, I am able to communicate with my coworkers and customers more effectively. I can convey my ideas much more accurately. As a result, I have become more productive than before."

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AmEnglish.com user management system

Learning Management System

  • Tracks all user activity
  • Provides pre & post assessment scores

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Established in 1999, AmEnglish.com® provides web-based programs to improve reading, vocabulary & communication skills. Our newest series, Read Aloud eBooks with adaptive assessment, received the Smart Book Award & is designed for students at reading grade levels 1.6 - 6.9. Our middle school series, Vocabulary Builder, focuses on vocabulary & combines poetry and natural science facts. Both series satisfy multiple Common Core Standards.
The Pronunciation in English, Writing in English, & Idioms in English programs are designed for nonnative speakers of English & have been reviewed & approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® & GRE® tests. Corporate clients include companies like Kaiser Permanente Medical Group & IBM. Education customers include schools like Iowa State University, De Anza College, and the Los Angeles Unified School District.