Writing in English

writing in english
Both levels of Writing in English have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests.

Writing in English

Helps you write clear, concise, and correct English.

Now available in two levels:

  • High Beginning+
  • Intermediate+

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Step-by-step Lesson Plans
writing in english

Each level

  • Features over 200 interactive lessons
  • Includes Pre & Post Assessments with instant scoring

Common Core for "Writing in English"

Writing in English

"I learned grammar in my country, but your steps in Writing in English give me solid, organized rules."

J. Pan, engineer
Writing in English

Works on all smartphones and tablets

  • Opens and runs instantly
  • No plugins or apps needed
writing in english
writing in english

Clear explanations of grammar rules in English

  • Feature interactive presentations
  • Include text translations for multiple languages

Florida Standards          Texas Standards

Writing in English

" Writing in English clearly identifies the common errors that most ESL/EFL writers make."

N. Heider, Manager
writing in english
writing in english

Multiple interactive charts

  • Highlight verb tenses & irregular verbs
  • Feature phrasal verbs & word forms
writing in english

Interactive practices

  • Reinforce the concepts
  • Provide immediate feedback
writing in english

Comprehension Checks

  • Include scored chapter reviews
  • Offer rotating versions of both pre & post assessments
Writing in English

" Writing in English is a wonderful program."

C. Chuang, software engineer

writing in english

Overview videos

High Beginning+


Detailed content

Writing in English - High Beginning+

  • Identify the verb
  • Identify modal auxiliaries
  • Identify active and passive voice
  • Identify the subject, verb and object/complement
  • Make the subject and verb agree
  • Use the correct verb tense
  • Use modal auxiliaries correctly
  • Use do correctly to form negative sentences and questions
  • Use active and passive voice appropriately
  • Use gerunds or infinitives after verbs that require them
  • Use gerunds after prepositions
  • Use the verb+ing correctly

Writing in English - Intermediate+

  • Use prepositions correctly
  • Use the correct word form
  • Use the correct phrasal verb
  • Use the correct preposition with the adjective/verb
  • Use the correct article
  • Use connecting words for contrast and similarity
  • Use transitional expressions to show connections
  • Use the appropriate words to connect clauses
  • Use adjective clauses correctly
  • Use parallel structure
  • Use clear pronoun reference
  • Write concisely
  • Use punctuation correctly

Detailed content (PDF)

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