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January 4, 2016

AmEnglish.com® has just released Idioms in English - Phrasal Verbs

Pleasanton, Ca.
AmEnglish.com® has just released Idioms in English - Phrasal Verbs. This brings the total number of online, interactive English training programs to 17, all of which are available to subscribers as part of the AmEnglish - Accelerate Program.

It will improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary in English for:

  • Lectures, emails, and discussions at school or work
  • Tests like the TOEFL®, TOEIC®, & IELTS®
"Phrasal verbs like slip up and map something out are tricky because usually the meaning cannot be understood by looking up the individual words," said the author, Kathy L. Hans. "We've focused on phrasal verbs in this program because they are so common in English that they appear on tests like the TOEFL®, TOEIC®, and IELTS®."

Idioms in English - Phrasal Verbs is unique because the stories using the idioms in context focus on upcoming Olympic Games. So you can improve your idiomatic vocabulary while learning a little about the history of the sports and the host cities.

Idioms in English- Phrasal Verbs covers 100 phrasal verbs in 220 interactive lessons with:
  • Stories using the phrasal verbs in context
  • Audio featuring four different native speakers
  • Definitions, examples, and pronunciation notes for each phrasal verb
  • Scored quizzes and pictures for listening comprehension
  • Scored quizzes for phrasal verb definitions
  • Scored dictation practices
  • Scored, rotating final for all 100 idioms with 4 different question types
Idioms in English- Phrasal Verbs is available for schools as an/a: It is available for individuals online at: Idioms in English - Phrasal Verbs

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