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English Language Training - Idioms in English

Idioms in English

"I notice the idioms used by other people and applying them feels more natural now. I'm really 'dialed in' to the language."

Sherry Wu, Software Engineer
Idioms in English

"I am pleased to report to you that what I have learned here really works. The nice thing about an idiom is that you do not have to explain your thought at length. This means that if you have no knowledge about an idiom, you will never understand what the speaker is talking about. In that sense you have made my life here a little easier. Thanks a lot!"

Idioms in English

"I hear people using these idioms all the time."

PhiDien Nguyen, Software Engineer
Idioms in English

"I am now much more confident with my spoken English in daily communication. I am also quite proud of myself when I am able to add some idioms to my communication during meetings."

Idioms in English

"The analysis and explanation of each idiom in Idioms in English is superb."

Instructor, College of Alameda
Idioms in English

"The proper use of idioms adds a new perspective to our speech and brings us one step closer to native speakers in a short time."