User Feedback - Corporate License

"I believe this program is a life changing opportunity."

Employee, Kaiser Permanente Medical Group

"On the whole, I am able to communicate with my coworkers and customers more effectively. I can convey my ideas much more accurately. As a result, I have become more productive than before."

IBM Engineer

"The 'Tips' are short, clear, and easy to follow."

V. Contrearas

"I am now much more confident with my spoken English in daily communication."

IBM Engineer

"I would recommend AmEnglish to anyone who sincerely wants to remove a language barrier and improve communication skills."

L. Dang, PhD

"I now have a lot more confidence in speaking as well as writing in English. Even though it takes a lot of practice, it is really worth the time and effort."

IBM Scientist

"The programs are quite extensive, yet amazing!"

EdFund employee