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12 movies files for each program (once per week)

Covering all 4 content areas
(Speaking, Writing, Listening, Vocabulary)
on the following schedule:

Year One:
  • Pronunciation in English for Medical Professionals - HB+
  • Pronunciation in English for Medical Professionals - Int+
  • Writing in English - High Beginning+
  • Writing in English - Intermediate+
Year Two:
  • Idioms in English - Volume One (Listening)
  • Animal Tales - Volume 1 (Vocabulary)
  • Idioms in English - Volume Two (Listening)
  • Animal Tales - Volume 2 (Vocabulary)
Year Three:
  • Idioms in English - Volume Three (Listening)
  • Animal Tales - Volume 3 (Vocabulary)
  • Idioms in English - Volume Four (Listening)
  • Animal Tales - Volume 4 (Vocabulary)

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