Writing in English - Detailed Content



  • Identify the verb
  • Identify modal auxiliaries
  • Identify active and passive voice
  • Identify the subject, verb and object/complement
  • Make the subject and verb agree
  • Use the correct verb tense
  • Use modal auxiliaries correctly
  • Use do correctly to form negative sentences and questions
  • Use active and passive voice appropriately
  • Use gerunds or infinitives after verbs that require them
  • Use gerunds after prepositions
  • Use the verb+ing correctly


  • Use prepositions correctly
  • Use the correct word form
  • Use the correct phrasal verb
  • Use the correct preposition with the adjective/verb
  • Use the correct article
  • Use connecting words for contrast and similarity
  • Use transitional expressions to show connections
  • Use the appropriate words to connect clauses
  • Use adjective clauses correctly
  • Use parallel structure
  • Use clear pronoun reference
  • Write concisely
  • Use punctuation correctly