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June 8, 2012

New Release - Animal Tales

AmEnglish.com® in collaboration with LittleELL.com has just released "Animal Tales." This online, interactive program is designed for young English language learners at the high beginning level and above. It is targeted for ELL students in fourth grade through middle school, but can also be used for high school. It will help improve listening comprehension, pronunciation, and vocabulary in English.

Animal Tales features nine poems about nine animals with:

  • Audio and text for each poem
  • Audio and text for facts about each animal and its environment
  • Scored dictation practices to check listening comprehension
  • Scored review quizzes to check reading comprehension
  • A scored final review with "fill in the blank," "multiple choice," "dictation" and "word scrambles"
"We are excited about this new collaboration with Little Ell.com. Customers have asked us about programs for younger English language learners for some time, and we now have a program for this age group that we feel is both educational and engaging," said Kathy L. Hans, founder of AmEnglish.com. This program is available for schools with an integrated User Management System, which tracks all student activity. It can also be purchased by individuals.
You can watch a short slide show at: Animal Tales.

To celebrate this new product release, schools may request a "Free Trial."

LittleELL.com creates audio books, read and listen books, online programs, and apps for young English language learners. Their mission is to inspire a lifelong love of language and learning.

AmEnglish.com® provides products and services to improve communication skills for nonnative speakers of English at the high beginning through advanced levels. Hundreds of universities and colleges, many multinational corporations and thousands of individuals worldwide have successfully used the AmEnglish.com suite of English-language products.