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March 29, 2017

AmEnglish.com® announces a Free Trial for Read Aloud eBook with Adaptive Assessment

Pleasanton, Ca.

The Green Sea Turtle, the first of 45 titles in the Read Aloud eBook series, is now available online as a free trial. Reading level ranges from grades 2-6 in this series for English language learners. Read Aloud eBooks feature:

  • Poems modeling the correct use of rhythm in English
  • Word highlighting in sync with the audio
  • Beautiful photographs of the animals & their environments
  • User Management System tracking all student activity (for schools & colleges)
Integrated quizzes with adaptive assessment* cover:
  • Reading comprehension
  • Rhymes
  • Syllables & stress in words
  • Vocabulary & meaning
* Adaptive assessments change and respond based on whether students answer questions correctly.

Free Trial

AmEnglish.com® offers online, interactive programs for English language learners at the high- beginning through the advanced level including:
  • Pronunciation in English; two levels
  • Pronunciation in English for Medical Professionals; two levels
  • Writing in English; two levels
  • Idioms in English; Volumes 1-4
  • Idioms in English for Young Adults; Volumes 1-3
  • Animal Tales with TOEFL® Vocabulary Practice; Volumes 1-4

AmEnglish.com® provides products and services to improve communication skills for nonnative speakers of English. The Pronunciation in English, Writing in English, and Idioms in English programs from AmEnglish.com® have been reviewed and approved by ETS®, maker of the TOEFL® and TOEIC® tests. Corporate clients include companies like Kaiser Permanente Medical Group and IBM.